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Trade with OCL Trader

Explore advanced trading platform and technology and improve your trading efficiency, find a platform that suits for you.

User-friendly interface, easy to use

Flexible account management

Customizable trading interface design

Practical trading tools

Rapid trading execution

OCL Trading Platform

Suitable for all types of traders. No matter you are a beginner, experienced trader or an expert, OCL trader always meets your needs.

Advanced trading features

Algorithmic orders, one-click trading, options chains and charting packages are just some of the features on our most advanced platform.

Wide-rage Products

Trade FX, FX options, CFDs, stocks, ETFs, futures, listed options and bonds, all from a single cross-margin, multi-currency account.

Innovative Trading Tools

Designed with a bunch of innovative trading tools to improve your trading efficiency as well as safety

Practical and Innovative Features

Explore more innovative functions, experience advanced trading technology and enjoy fast, efficient execution

Customizable trading charts

We have all kinds of chart types to display the market change, including the popular line, OHLC and candlestick charts, plus more advanced charts such as Kagi, line break and Renko charts

Diverse drawing tools

Technical indicators

Customizable charts

One-click trading from charts

Price projection

Order execution

Flexible and easy-to-use orders for you to better manage your trade entry, exit and risk. There are also advanced features including boundary orders, guaranteed stop-loss orders, trailing stops, price ladders and more.

Click trading

Price ladder

Long and short simultaneous

Boundary orders

Guaranteed stops

Comprehensive account management

Multi-dimension management and analysis on your detail trading performance, help you to make wise invest

Guaranteed stops

Here you can check your current and history trading reports to learn the total value and risk exposure of each holding

Performance analysis

Display your profit and loss in any account and timetable

Returns breakdown

You will see the development of your trades using time-weighted percentages here

Reliable risk management function

Innovative risk management function helps to control your positions and reduce trading risk

Cancel all orders with simple clicks

Stop orders to protect your positions

Pop-up and push margin alerts

Quick close positions when the market volatiles

Monitor your margin breakdown of each instrument

With account shield to protect your positions and orders

User-friendly Interface

Easy-to-use OCL trader provides the technology for today’s trading needs. Our software enables you to trade faster and efficiently whenever you want

One-stop terminal for checking quotes, placing orders, see balance, funding and deposit and more. Suitable for clients including beginners, advisor clients and clients who prefer comprehensive operation functions

Requires only very little resources to operates

More than 50 built-in indicators

Expert Advisor (EA) allowed

Transmitted Data is secured via 128-bit encryption

Mobile trader

Easily trade and monitor your OCL trading account on-the-go from your iOS or Android device (tablet or smartphone). The best choice for traders who hope to monitor the market and account for 24/7.

Full management of trade account

Work from any location in the world

20+ technical indicators

All types of orders

Complete trading history available

Compatible with iOS and Android

Web Trader

The lightest trader foreverand includes the most comprehensive trading function, suitable for traders who hope to take advantage of the full OCL offering and technical analysis tools

All types of trading operations are available.

Real-time quotes in Market Watch.

9 chart timeframes are available.

Basic analytical objects: horizontal & vertical and trend line, equidistanchannel and Fibonacci lines.