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Forex Knowledge Education

You will learn what is Forex and how to trade forex in this part. From the most basic forex knowledge to trading

skills and risk management, we will help you to become a professional trader.

Order Types

There are several Order types in the trading exercises that need to be given attention

Market Order

Market Order is an order to open a buy or sell position at the best and reasonable current available price.

Pending Order

Pending Order is an order in buying and selling of instruments at a specified price. It only will take effect when the market reaches a specific price that is of interest to the trader.

Limit Order

When the market moves past a clients specified entry level a Limit Order is triggered. It provides the limit order price or a better price on your trade entry but it will never be a worst price.

Stop Loss

A conditional order set a fixed price level that is targeted at closing a position after a certain price has been reached is called a Stop Loss. It is triggered when the market moves in an unaccepted unfavorable direction for a trader. When a position is losing money stop loss prevents it.

Trailing Stop

Is a kind of Stop Loss Order that moves with the trader as the market price is unstable or is rising and falling. It is not a fixed price and is set in a distance of pips. The Trailing stop activates when the trailing stop level has been achieved. Trailing Stop is designed to realize the profits made by the trading positions.


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